Kings Physics - Class of '67

A recent pictures of Bob on the Australian National University site.

Bob Webb

Some notes from when he came over in 2014 - Bob has promised to do a more detailed writeup when he gets back to Australia which will replace this!

After his Part 1 examinations Bob took a hiking tour in Wales where he met (in a youth hostel) his future wife an Australian girl Judith.

They got married (with Sam Taylor as his best man) after his finals and emigrated to Australia. Bob planned to study for his PhD in Astrophysics (much less light polution down there and) as it was about the only place to study the Southern night sky at that time.

Money was in short supply before he went out there and his UK honeymoon consisted of of two days in a medium priced hotel and the happy couple then set off on another youth-hosteling tour, this time up in Scotland.


Trade Mission

Bob was back in the UK for a couple of years from 1989-91 working at the Australian Trade Mission at the High Commission, just opposite Kings College. He was here when the Berlin Wall fell and managed to squeeze in some trips over there as part of his work.


At the moment Bob has scaled down his work and doesn't work full time but it still active in research and teaching. His speciality is in Mitigating the effects of Global Warning assuming, as seems likely, the world can't agree a strategy in combating it. He was attending a conference in Copenhagen on the subject and on the way back, dropped by in the UK and met up in London with Sam Taylor, Nigel Wood and Will Howard. We met at Kings and did a 'walk-about' of the old haunts 2C (in use, even though it was a Saturday), 27C (now a lab), Physics Research area in the basement (a shambles waiting for redevelopment) and the Budget/Discovery Bars off the embankment entrance. (See the pictures below).

After that we had a very long talk over coffee and then headed to Covent Garden for a meal (it was full to bursting) and then out of the tourist area where an Indian Restaurnet had space for us. More long chats - I wish I'd got it all down, but he did promise to do a write up for this site! Nigel and I had to leave early as long joureys back but we left Sam and Bob still deep in conversation about the old days.


Still happily married and now living near Camberra in Australia.

As Bob mentioned grandchildren when we met him I assume that he now has a large family but I forgot to ask for details when we met in London.

Bob's Visit to London in October 2014

A selection of photos taken when Bob Webb visited London and met up with Sam Taylor (his 'best man'), Nigel Wood and Will Howard. click on them to view. The second collection are the ones taken by Bob himself. And here is a link to his University profile: His details 'Down Under'

Taken by Will Howard

Taken by Bob Webb