Kings Physics - Class of '67

ESS News

This FANTASTIC resource has been provided by Sam Taylor who must have had the documents mouldering a a drawer for almost half a century!

You may remember that just after we left, a few of us got together to report on how we, and others in the Physics group, were progressing in the world outside Kings. With the limited facilities at our disposal we did produce copies of the News but without computers it just wasn't that easy to get progress reports or to produce a Newsletter. I think that we also organised an ESS meal on one occasion too!

It contains the group picture around finals time and the ESS News produced by society members. THE ESS News shows how far technology has moved on with PCs and wordprocessing making it look rather amateur. It may give us a 'starter for 10' in tracing what has happened to others in the group.

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ESS Newsletters (Reconstructed)

The archive above is a scan of the documents found by Sam. I have attempted to reconstruct the three ESS Newsletters and just hope that I have them in the right order!

 ESS News #1 - October 1967

 ESS News #2 - January 1968

 ESS News #3 - Later...