Kings Physics - Class of '67

Noble Prize for Chemistry

We have the honour of having Michael Levitt, a Noble Prizewinner in our year here is a link to his acceptance speech: Noble Speech
The topic of the award was : "for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems"


We're All Mad here, I'm mad and you're Mad. How do you know I'm mad? asked Alice You must be, said the Cheshire Cat, Or you wouldn't be here -Lewis Carrol

I started attending the Amumni events organised by Kings 2014.

I did take some pictures of the people and the College although I now realise I should have taken many more.

You can see them here:

Some photos from the Mad Hatters Tea Party (June 2014)

Pictures from the 2015 Meet-Up.

50 Years On Pictures (2017)

A number of pictures and videos of Kings (Recorded 2014).