Kings Physics - Class of '67


I think that this is a complete list of the people in the '67 Physics year, but some of the names I don't recognise. Such is the legacy of advanced years (ie I've forgotten, but I am quite old now). It's been taken from the list of people who took ancillary Maths (which, I think, was mandatory for Physicists?). Any corrections or additions will be gratefully received! (See Photos Here )

Any kind of coloured background means we have some information about the person.

  • A grey background means that we have no information on the person
  • A blue background indicates that the information is second hand and could be in error. In general these are people that we are still in contact with (to some extent) and we hope may contribute to this site. Sometimes we have lost contact and know very little about this person after they left Kings.
  • A green background indicates that the information was directly from the person concerned, and therefore more likely to be correct!

An envelope indicates that we have mail contact information, a '@' an email address. A Red envelope that I have attempted to contact them but without success as yet.

17 out of 37 now in contact


I am not intending to put addresses, email or phone numbers on this site for obvious reasons. If you are happy to have your details passed on to other Kings Physics '67 people then let me know. I think that the Alumni office do have some of our year on the contact list but I think that the Data Protection Act prevents them from sharing this.