Kings Physics - Class of '67

Photos of Students (and Lecturers)

Class of '67

We have (unfortunately), changed a little over the years, but are we still recognisable? If you fancy identifying people from the Group photos click on the person's face and then enter their name in the pop-up.

 1967 Physics Group Photo 

 1964 Science Faculty Intake

or we have two different photos from the end of Exams at the Prospect of Whitby

Prospect of Whitby - From Andrew Ennis

Prospect of Whitby - From Mark Watts

Class of '69 Plus

Photos from the Class of 69 - Not us but we may remember some of the students or lecturers. One includes a picture of Margaret Beynon (taken at Drury Lane, Biophysics)

Class of 69

Biophysics group 69/70

I quote from Mark Watts (talking about the Tutorial photos in Memories):

The standing man looks very much like Geoff Joyce who was a lecturer from the Theoretical Physics department. Only thing is I don't remember him lecturing in Thermodynamics. The 'young lady' looks somewhat like my wife, Lynda Dobson, but we've both stared at the photo and can't be sure. If it is her, the others should also be from her year and she doesn't recognise any of them. Also she doesn't believe they had tutorials in Special Physics in her year - they didn't in ours. [Will - I though we had some with Prof Price, but not that many] The combined honours classes had tutorials, I tutored some of them as a postgrad student, so it could be one of these classes. I was sure I knew the man standing in this photo until Lynda pointed out that he's a dead ringer for Nick Robinson.

Geoff Joyce was an interesting character. He was so tied up in his research that he never bothered to stop and write up his PhD thesis so he was always Mr Joyce, which he hated. Then one day he gathered up all his published papers and shipped them off somewhere and was awarded a D.Sc. He then made a big point of changing the Mr on his door to Dr.

I have a photo of Lynda's class, graduated in '69, also a photo of Maurice Wilkins and one of some of the Drury Lane staff and students from late 1969 or early 70s. This last one contains Margaret Beynon (front, 2nd from left), Lynda (middle left), Watson Fuller (next to Lynda, he was a lecturer but not sure if he taught any of our classes), Alwyn Jones (back row, 2nd from left, was in same year as Lynda), and of course Maurice Wilkins (back row, 2nd from right).

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