Kings Physics - Class of '67

Photos of Students and Lecturers

We have (unfortunately), changed a little over the years, but are we still recognisable? (Click on photos for larger image). If you fancy identifying people from the Group photos click on the link above, cunningly called 'Group Photos'. We have 'done' a fair number but I bet we missed some others!

Class of '67

Keith Bannister RN Margaret Beynon Bernard Brown Chris Collins Geoff England Andrew Ennis Will Howard Michael Levitt Pete Roberts Ray Symes Sam Taylor Mark Watts Bob Webb Nigel Wood

Lecturers of '67

Prof WC Price Prof Domb Prof Wilkins Dr Ed Lightowlers Ed Lightowlers 1997 Dr Gaunt Alex Stokes Dr Jones Dr Joyce
Dr Champion

FC Champion

Dr Chapman

FW Chapman

Dr Curling

CD Curling

Dr Fisher

ME Fisher

Group Photo Group Photo Group Photo Group Photo